Responsible Community Living

Academics, Athletics, and Community

CVA provides a healthy balance of academics, athletics, and responsible community living. Responsible community living describes our intentional focus on teaching civility and respect, the value of community service and good decision making. We provide intentional opportunities designed to cultivate leadership qualities in each individual with the goals of developing:
  • Integrity and respect
  • Habits of healthy living
  • An understanding of the responsibility we have for ourselves and each other
  • Independence and confidence

Responsible Community Living

The unique community and lifestyle at CVA fosters life-long friendships, respect, confidence, accountability, and independence.

CVA is a place where every individual matters; a place where the staff helps each student-athlete develop academically, athletically, and emotionally.


The diversity of the student body, and closeness of the community between students, teachers, and coaches demands mutual respect. Civility and respect for oneself and others is taught and reinforced in every aspect of a student’s experience.

Daily School Meetings

Every school day CVA holds a community meeting where student-athletes, faculty, and staff share information, applaud each other’s successes, and review upcoming events.

Expectations and Consequences

Our student handbook covers our expectations in athletics, academics, student life, and our standards of behavior, along with consequences for not meeting these standards. 

A system of support

The CVA staff guides our student-athletes to meet these goals with the following support:

Health and Wellness Center: CVA’s Wellness Center is staffed to care for your child  with the goal of providing the highest level of care, and to work closely with local health care providers in handing illnesses and injuries.

registered nurse staffs the Wellness Center from 7am until 1pm daily, Monday-Friday. She is also available for telephone consultations at times that are convenient for parents and will make arrangements for the student to see a local doctor, if necessary.

An athletic trainer is on staff and provides pre/post practice treatments, rehabilitation programs, and emergency care. The trainer is also available by phone or radio for all coaches to consult or to manage injury situations.

professional counselor is available off campus, should the need arise.